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I am a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and a C-IAYT candidate with a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts (VSOHA). My journey with yoga began 16 years ago as a way to move and lessen tension in my body largely caused by an active lifestyle and past experiences of anxiety. Throughout my practice, I have become interested in the ways that body, mind and spirit are connected and learned that yoga heals much more than just the ailments found on the physical level.

I am dedicated to deepening my own understanding of yoga to be able to teach and articulate the healing power of this modality to others. Integrating my deep interest in anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and psychology, I teach gentle vinyasa and therapeutic classes that focus on moving with compassion and finding presence. I aim to help people live with intention and heart by holding a space for healing.

Angie Lamb, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, walking in the forest

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Yoga Therapist C-IAYT Candidate

training &

July - Nov 2023

Vancouver School of Healing Arts

Advanced Yoga Therapy (340 hours) 

with Rebekkah Walker, Amanda Kingsmith, Cheryl Uphill, Emmy Chahal, Julia McCabe, Lauren Roegele, Tianne Allan, Katie Blecker, Mary-Jo Fetterly, Nicole Marcia, Chelsea Lee

Feb - June 2023

Vancouver School of Healing Arts

Foundations to Yoga Therapy (300 hours)

with Rebekkah Walker, Amanda Kingsmith, Cheryl Uphill, Emmy Chahal, Julia McCabe, Lauren Roegele, Tianne Allan, Richelle Muscroft, Nicole Marcia, Chelsea Lee

Oct 2022

Yoga Medicine

Myofascial Release Training

with Tiffany Cruikshank

Nov 2022

Embodied Philosophy

Polyvagal Theory: Neural Exercises for Safety and Connection (20 hours)

with Dr. Stephen Porges

Feb 2023

My Vinyasa Practice

Yoga Nidra Certificate (20 hours) 

with Michelle Young

Sept - Dec 2022

Vancouver School of Healing Arts

240 Hour Enriched Teacher Training 

with Rebekkah Walker, Amanda Kingsmith, Emmy Chahal, Julia McCabe, Sjanie McInnis, Chantal Russell, Muneera Wallace, Katie Blecker

Dec 2020

Yoga Medicine

Neurobiology of Yoga

with Dr. David Vago

Nov 2023 - Feb 2025

Certification - International Association of Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT)

with Rebekkah Walker, Cheryl Uphill, Chelsea Lee

Nov 2023

The Nerve Project: Exploring the Nerve Tree in Relationship (5hrs)

with Gil Hedley Ph.D

Vancouver School of Healing Arts

Integral Anatomy Productions

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In any physical activity, risk of injury is possible. Yoga and other activities is no substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. Angela (Angie) Lamb and Cedar Coast Yoga is not physician or other licensed healthcare professional. The information on this website and provided in classes/series is not intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health care professional. Always consult with your primary care physician or licensed healthcare provider before changing your health care regimen.

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